What makes us tick?

The Furniture Hackers is a not for profit Social Enterprise on a mission to reduce, recycle and reuse furniture that is destined to end up in landfill sites. We upcycle furniture for social good and work with local people to promote our environmental message.

We provide people with the skills, training, support and opportunities they need to not only upcycle furniture, but also upcycle their lives by creating their own income, opportunities and economic growth for their families.

We want to create a vibrant community by connecting people who have been marginalised and disadvantaged in some way with the opportunity to learn new employable skills that they can use to improve their lives.


Guiding us in our mission are our core values:


We improve the skills and experience of people so they can realise their full potential and have the opportunity to contribute towards a prosperous and inclusive society.


We work to improve our community and our world by encouraging more people to reduce, recycle and reuse old furniture whilst promoting our environmental message.


Supporting and empowering volunteers to serve their community and encouraging them to talk to others so that we can increase the rates of volunteering in the community.


Teamwork makes the dream work and we are committed to working in partnership with other people, voluntary groups, charities, social enterprises and businesses for the betterment of all.

More Than A Social Enterprise

We have created a space that is much more than a workshop. It’s a place for people to come together to sort out a range of problems that they may have in their lives.

With supportive mentors and skilled volunteers on site, people can tap into a welath of experience that htey can use to propel themselves forward in life. We have already had some outstanding success.

Creating Real Social Impact

In order to achieve our aims, we are focusing on expanding our reach by developing our enterprise and getting more people involved. We will work with more professional partners, groups and institutions and mobilise support by increasing the understanding of environmental issues whilst promoting our message of reducing, recycling and reusing waste materials.


Take A Look At Our Online Shop

We sell a range of goods from recycled materials and provide customisation for most items. Contact us if you want us to produce a bespoke piece for your home or office.